We are all in a rush these days. We’re always running to a meeting (virtual, of course), running to finish a project before a deadline (from our home office), or running to set up all our children’s Zoom tablets in time for class. When do we have time for personal or business development and learning? When do we have time for educating ourselves?

Enter “micro-learning!” What if I told you that in daily 60-second video clips, you could learn an incredible amount from real-world business leaders today? What if I let you in on a little secret and said that a new platform for learning and growing has just launched, with you in mind? You’d be listening, wouldn’t you?

Business Class is a daily video tip with pertinent advice from C-level executives and today’s business leaders. Hear from business giants such as Beth Comstock, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Joe Hart, Linda Kaplan Thaler, Shep Hyken and many more!
The 60-second (or shorter) video clips cover topics such as setting goals, building trust, defining your brand, customer loyalty, marketing, finance, among other primary business categories. Catapult your business into the 21st century with these tried and proven methods.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to grow your business skills with daily bite-sized tidbits from the world-renowned business leaders. Let them be the guiding light for how you conduct your daily business lives. Are you ready to — b’ezras Hashem — see tremendous growth in your business?

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