Logo/ Branding Sign-Off

  • Please review the logo and/or branded items that you have received. You should be reviewing: color, font, layout, spelling, etc.

    In all cases we pride ourselves on our creative talents and we strive to make more than a “good faith effort” to create original designs. Please realize however, that we cannot accept responsibility for the possibility that a design that we create has any resemblance to existing work produced anywhere else on this planet. Bottom Line Marketing Group (BLMG) does not assume any legal or regulatory responsibilities that may arise from the projects that we produce.

    BLMG does not assume legal responsibility for any materials provided by you – the client. This includes: images, charts, graphs, information, written materials, etc. The client assumes full responsibility to obtain any image rights for any materials provided to BLMG. In addition, client assures BLMG that the materials provided do not infringe on any “image copyright violation."

    Only once we receive sign-off on your new logo and/or branding will we move forward in creating any branded items for your company. This is to ensure that only the final approved logo ends up on any printed or digital media.

    Please remember, we want perfection as much as you do!

  • Please check all that apply.