Our Work

We believe in producing work that speaks for itself. Much like letting a child leave the nest, our work goes out into the world and shows just what BLMG stands for, what we are great at, and what we have achieved for our clients.

Our Brand Services These Industries

Issue Advocacy & Political Campaigns

With people increasingly experiencing “message overload,” it’s tougher than ever to get through to voters. As such, it’s essential to have a talented and experienced team of communication professionals to make the results weigh in your favor. There’s no second place when it comes to winning in politics.

Businesses & Corporations

We work with B2B and B2C companies in numerous industries who seek to reach consumers and/or other businesses. We have experience in crafting the unique brand narrative for a wide range of industries including: financial services, technology, food products, healthcare, real estate, and popular entertainment.

Non-Profit Organizations

Your fundraising efforts will ultimately be more effective and convince donors that your organization is worthy of their support if you are backed by a team of marketing professionals who use up to date methods. Collaborating in the important work that you do lends meaning to our work.


I want to sincerely thank you for all your assistance in helping Chinuch Yehudi grow this year. The parent interviews you produced last September were an invaluable help in getting the word out about how happy our parent body is about coming to Jewish schools.

We placed an additional 85 kids this year into Jewish schools, so we are close to the 200 mark! Also, Chinuch Yehudi was chosen to be a member of the OU’s 2020 Impact Accelerator Cohort, designed to assist non for-profit startups they feel are impacting the Jewish community significantly.

I wish you much hatzlacha in the coming year!

Chaim Bernstein

National Director & Founder, Chinuch Yehudi

I wanted to….thank Bottom Line Marketing Group for all of the hard work in helping re-elect Mike Bloomberg as Mayor of New York City. Together, we ran an aggressive, compelling, and…positive campaign.

Terence D. Tolbert

Senior Campaign Advisor, Bloomberg for Mayor

Bottom Line Marketing. So, what’s the bottom line as it relates to L&R Distributors, myself. How often do we come a company that we work with that is just so interested. So interested about what you need, what you want… Bottom Line Marketing has this unique ability to just be interested. So many words come to mind when I think of Bottom Line. Of course, interested, creative, intuitive, talented, caring. They are a group of people who always have their arrows pointed outwards. They are just an absolute wonderful, talented, creative company to work with that produce just such great results for their clients. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to work with them.

Marc Bodner

President & CEO, L&R Distributors, Inc

Yitzchok, you played a decisive part in this campaign. You and your team were imaginative, responsive and always right on point. It was a pleasure working with you.

The Honorable Robert L. Turner

Congressman and Businessman

I’d like to talk a moment about how you have put us on the map. For 40 Year I have been running my firm in the shadows, I never advertised, I never wrote articles, I never gave seminars.

You came along, and together with my sons, you put us literally on the map. Not only on the map of Brooklyn or New York City, but all over. You’ve helped us with publishing eblasts, and brochures, and pamphlets and articles. You literally took us from an unknown firm to a known firm all over the metropolitan area and the United States.

You are someone that understands business, someone that we can all rely on to your name and reputation out in public. Today with the digital world, you have to be out there. That’s what you did for us. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and I wish all future clients see us and we’ll sell your services to them because you have proven methods of doing things the right way and the honest way. Thank you again for everything you’ve done for us

Saul N. Friedman

Senior Partner, CPA, Saul N. Friedman & Co.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Yitzchok Saftlas at Bottom Line Marketing Group for the last 15 years. They’re some of the most wonderful, amazing, impressive, talented, out-of-the-box thinkers that I’ve ever dealt with. The most wonderful thing about working with them is that they always get everything done on time and under budget.

I have nothing but good things to say about them. I am really proud to be affiliated with them, they worked on every single one of my campaigns, both before and inside and hopefully in the future after government as well.

I want to wish them bracha and hatzlacha and a lot of mazal. I want to thank them for professionalizing the industry in the Jewish community and really taking it to the next level.

Honorable David Greenfield

You and your team put together the classiest, most elegant frum event ever last night. The event was a testament to your professionalism, talent and conviction.

And, thanks so much for the magnificent job on the site.
It is trendy, prescient and classy.
You are extremely talented and just as efficient!

Elon Emanuel

CEO, Shevy Wigs

Dear Mr. Saftlas,

It is with a great sense of satisfaction, appreciation and gratitude that I write you this letter regarding the promotional brochure your team recently designed for our company.

The entire team at Bottom Line Design was professional, efficient and courteous, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aaron and with you as well.  Your estimates were accurate and you held your prices you quoted even 10 months after they were submitted.  That was appreciated by us and reflects your honesty and integrity throughout the process.

I would be happy to recommend your company to anyone who is looking for top-notch graphic design delivered with professionalism and reliability.

Arlene Goldberg

Corporate Secretary, The Harry Walker Agency, Inc.

You’re not a client, you’re not a vendor. You’re a brother. You’re always there for us. In thick or thin, in pressure, in not pressure. You’re there with a lending ear. You’re there to assist and guide us. To teach us and take us to new heights.

Besides for the newsletters and the award-winning show (where we thought we would flop on our face and we ended up being award winning.)

It’s not the koach and time and effort and money, it’s the heart you put in it. And the heart comes through. The heart does not lie. You’re a person that I’d love to emulate, I look up to you, and the way you carry yourself. It’s you, your family, your team and we at Edison feel like we are part of one big family. And when the times get tough and times get rough, the challengers are there, Yitzchok and his team are always ready for us.

Yossi Ostreicher

COO, Edison Lithographing & Printing Corp.

We received the video brochures, and we were… WOW! We started mailing them and got remarkable feedback. I want to take this opportunity to thank the professional team and Bottom Line Marketing Group as a whole and for each individual for his/her contribution… with much patience, talent and effort that you put into making it and taking it to production.

Rachel Rappaport

Founder, Max!

Working with Yitzchok Saftlas and his team at Bottom Line was a truly rewarding experience. His professionalism, good cheer, attention to detail and immense talent combined to produce a book that is a true masterpiece, portraying our Yeshiva in a beautiful light. Working with him was a true pleasure!

Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Rosh HaYeshiva, Yeshiva Darchei Torah

Dear Yitzchok:

I’d like to take a moment to thank you and your team at Bottom Line Marketing Group for your partnership in developing and executing the “Rav Binyamin Kamenetzky, zt”l, Legacy Campaign,” in memory of my father. We selected Bottom Line, not only because of your experience in the Yeshiva world, but also because we felt that you would treat my father’s memory with respect and sensitivity within the guidelines of our expectations.

Your team worked closely with us from the beginning to craft a comprehensive marketing campaign that illustrated Rav Binyamin’s accomplishments and heralded Yeshiva of South Shore’s new building campaign to continue his legacy. The initiatives were a reflection of Rav Binyamin’s personality and encompassed both traditional elements and “visionary” ideas like a billboard on Rockaway Turnpike.

Your team were true professionals. You are a dedicated, responsive, patient respectful and professional group and it was a pleasure to work together.

We are proud of the campaign and wish you continued success.

Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva of South Shore

Just needed to take a minute, even at this late hour, to say Yasher Koach from all of us at NASCK.

Thank you for working with us and helping us with this year’s TEAM Shabbos.

It has been a privilege and we look forward to an even greater TEAM Shabbos in 5779.

Rabbi Elchonon Zohn

Director, NASCK

Dear Yitzchok, Pesach and the staff at Bottom Line,

I’d like to personally thank you for your tremendous hard work on our recent Shas for Shidduchim campaign. On behalf of our entire office, I’d like to give you a big Vasher
koach for being so easy to work with while remaining patient and efficient.

This campaign would not have been a success without you and your team, so thank you for making it what it was. The marketing ideas and action plans were tremendous and received very well across the board.

We look forward to working again with you in the future. And wish you and your entire staff continued success and growth.

Rabbi Yossi Fuerst

Director of Operations , Chicago Chesed Fund

Dear Yitzchok,

Working with you and the Bottom Line Marketing Group Team is always a wonderful experience. Your professionalism and efficiency throughout each and every project is second to none. The capable and creative teamwork of Bottom Line Marketing Group guarantees an A1 product every time. Looking forward to our next project.

Rabbi Eliezer Stern

Chief Executive Officer, Yeshiva of Spring Valley

Dear R’ Yitzchok, 

We wanted to express our appreciation for the successful Hachnosas Sefer Torah campaign and the parent newsletter you and your staff helped us with in such a significant way. Working with you was very pleasant and very productive for us. Your advice was crucial, your genuine interest in our success was meaningful and your team’s professionalism and skills were all obvious and greatly valued. Thank you and much hatzlocho!

Rabbi Yitzchok Grossbard

Yeshiva Beth Yehuda

Dear Reb Yitzchok,

We would like to take a moment to express appreciation and heartfelt thanks to you and the team at Bottom Line Marketing for your dedication, commitment and extraordinary effors to ensure the success of the scholarship campagin, dinner, tribute and especially the magnifacent coffee-table edition entitled “A Legacy of Majesty and Dignity” portraying thr accomplished life of our father, Rabbi N.W. Dessler, zt”l. 

It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your outstanding team during these past few months on this amazing project. Your unique blend of professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail helped us through some potentially stressful moments. We have recieved many positive comments and accolades on the book…it is truly a masterpiece! We are honored to be included on your list of clients and to serve as reference.

Our best wishes to you and the entire Bottom Line staff for continued success. Looking forward to working with you on future projects.

Rabbi Simcha Dessler and Rabbi Eli Dessler

Educational Director and Financial Director, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

Dear Yitzchok and Staff,

On behalf of our team and entire Board, we thank you all for a stellar job! We know we are not your biggest account, but you treat us as if we are! Your team is efficient, patient (that is a big one for dealing with frum charity!), and always pleasant.

Dinners bring out the worse in people, your partnership certainly brought out the best in our team, and WE ARE GRATEFUL! May the light of Chanukah shine on all of you and your families! Chag Sameach! Wishing you all success in 2018 and I am hoping to nail our honorees down by February, so we can start working on it. A girl can dream LOL.

Laurie Szenicer

CEO, Emunah of America