77WABC Executive Business Forum

This past Tuesday night, July 16th, 2019, executives from a wide range of industries attended 77WABC’s Executive Business Forum, co-sponsored by Bottom Line Marketing Group and The C-Suite Network. Chaired by Jeffrey Hayzlett, chairman of the C-Suite Network, the event provided the opportunity for guests to discover the value of “Corporate Storytelling” and what it means to build a brand.

Joseph Abboud, the noted fashion design icon, shared his insights on “Corporate Storytelling” on a panel moderated by Yitzchok Saftlas, host of 77WABC’s Mind Your Business radio show and CEO of Bottom Line Marketing Group.

“When you love what you do, your work becomes a part of you, a part of your story,” he shared. “Brands today are so much more than the products they sell. Consumers are deeply invested in what’s going on behind the brand, and the story the brand is telling,” noted Mr. Abboud.

Abboud also discussed the importance of brand consistency, and making sure corporate messaging never wavers. “Inject your DNA into everything you do, across every product line, into every facet of your company,” he advised.

“It was a truly unique experience to attend the 77WABC Stage 17 Executive Business Forum. Hearing from Joseph Abboud was a lesson well learned, which I will be able to impart to the many students who attend Touro,” noted Mr. Grosberg, who serves as the Touro College Director of Career Services.

The event left all the participants inspired, informed, and of course, full, having been beautifully sponsored by Soho Platters, Herzog Wine Cellars and Haolam! The 77WABC Stage 17 Executive Business Forum was truly an evening to remember, leaving the guests with a newfound perspective on what it means to be a storyteller.

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