Since its inception just a few years ago, Achiezer has gained repute as the premier umbrella organization serving the Far Rockaway/Five Towns community. They entrusted BLMG with the mission of developing their entire dinner campaign from concept to completion.

Concept Development:

Using creative edge to sift through ideas and emotions, coming up with a winning concept.

Dinner Website:

Developing the ultimate dinner web platform including online and donation functionality.

Information Newsletter:

Showcasing Achiezer’s tremendous work and fostering momentum and anticipation for the big event.

Ad Blank Package:

Writing, designing and coordinating the sending of ad blank packages to invitees.

Print Ads:

Designing multiple ads for various media to gain traction and coverage pre-event.

Invitation Package:

Developing, creating and laying out the individual letters from the organization and each of its honorees.

Press Releases:

Several press releases served as incredible buildup, communicating the scope of Achiezer’s work.


A teaser video produced by our in-house video team helped build excitement around the big day.


Shortly before the big day, the Far Rockaway/Five Towns coffee sleeves were decorated with a sea of Achiezer.

Dinner Signage:

Branding the dinner venue with Achiezer signage amplified the night’s messaging.


Creating the identity and template for the dinner journal enhanced and augmented its impact.

BLMG’s comprehensive marketing approach included:

Campaign Identity


Print Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising

Video Production

Website Development