Allied Importers

…L’Chaim! A Consumer Product Campaign

Allied Importers, America’s second largest importer and distributor of fine kosher wines approached us to develop a unique and compelling ad campaign to reach its consumer base.

With a portfolio of the finest wines, crafted by passionate enologists in family owned wineries, Allied’s name is synonymous with its tantalizing selection of treasures from exotic vineyards around the world.

Given two different wines, one with a rich historical element and one with a more modern appeal, our team used their creative flair to meet the challenge of portraying the old and new. Rather than contrast the two, we took a unique angle and decided to merge a blend of tradition with innovation. We did this by using a posterized effect that incorporated modern design, shapes and colors, while still capturing the authentic, historical family feel.

People love the allure of fine, upscale luxury. Our second task was to develop a concept for one of Allied’s high end series. The goal was to associate this wine with the upper social strata, as a wine not just for special occasions…but for the moments when you feel your best. The design itself featured European architecture, dramatic reflections, and black and white contrast imagery. Placing the logo strategically in the center and highlighting one word: Exclusivity, added a jaded edge and a high-end feel, conveying commitment to quality and upscale selection.

BLMG’s comprehensive marketing approach included:


Print Advertising

Website Development