Bottom Line Marketing Group creates an award-winning booth for Edison Litho & Printing Corp! Out of 700 booths at GlobalShop 2015, the design won the “Best in Show Booth Award” from the International Interior Design Association.

What is experiential marketing?

The premise of experiential marketing is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by creating an immersive, fun and memorable experience.

If a brand event stirs genuine positive emotions, people start to associate those emotions with that brand. This has increasingly been a more popular approach to take, as it is often seen as more effective than standard modes of advertising.

The Challenge:

– To create excitement and draw visitors to the client’s booth.
– To generate prospective leads for the company to pursue after the show.
– To increase awareness of the brand on social media.

The Solution: (What Bottom Line Did)

To celebrate Edison Litho’s 55+ years in business with friends and partners at the show, Bottom Line Marketing Group helped Edison Litho turn their booth into a retro-inspired bash filled with fun and quirky display details designed to provoke curiosity.

To that end, Bottom Line Marketing Group designed a booth with a life-sized bike for guests to handle, a towering drive-in signage tower topped with custom neon lighting, the perfect steel bar counter with red cushioned bar stools, pendant lighting, and menus with a full listing of Edison’s services.
And because you can’t have a celebration without great music, a life-sized jukebox played music for guests to groove to and displayed substrate sample “records” for them to take home with them after the show.

-Sing Out Loud: A life-size, singing, lit up jukebox full of “records”showcased the company’s ability to print on a variety of substrates.

– Joy Ride: A full-blown bicycle added a whimsical dimension when propped against the drive-in diner signage. The wow-factor? Each spoke on the tires was cut out, based on a perfectly crafted die cut.

– Bring on the Paparazzi! An image of life-size proportions, depicting retro-styled photographers vying to take passerby’s photos created a humorous backdrop for the perfect photo-op.

– Perfectly Set: Diner-style “menus” detailing the company’s offerings graced the countertops along with full table settings, soda fountain glasses and milk shake mixers.

– Lookin’ Good: Guests enjoyed a free, fun moment – and keepsake, when posing for their photo with fun, funky and goofy accessories. With a retro camera displayed over the front of the booth, what more could make it picture-perfect?

– Drive-In! A colossal drive-in signage tower, emblazoned with custom neon lighting, twinkling lights and topped with a clock-face nearly winked at passerby, welcoming them to drop in.

– Raising The Bar: 1. Pendant lighting 2. Full diner-style bar counter – front texture 3. Bar stools

– Black & White: A breathtaking 40 x 60 foot backdrop reached the rafters, dominating the show. Images of people in 50’s style mode of attire working at machinery, letterpresses and typewriters set the tone for the display. A black and white checkered floor added the perfect finishing touch.

Shooting further:

To add real pizzazz to the party, Bottom Line outsourced a photo-booth to take photos of the guests. Before the event, a postcard was sent to 4,000 participants at the show, inviting them to take a free selfie. Signage beckoned – and nearly shouted at passerby with the words “Lookin’ Good! Shoot & Share Your Photo Here!” Guests were invited to stand against a life-sized backdrop of paparazzi dressed in 50’s style, supposedly vying to take their photo, and face a photo booth designed to mimic a larger-than-life retro camera. Props and costumes for visitors to choose from completed the feel.

The best part? Edison Litho attracted more visitors to their booth than ever before, generated close to 200 leads, and had visitors share photos emblazoned with the company logo across several social media platforms. And a laughin’ good time was had by all.

BLMG’s comprehensive marketing approach included:

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive Media Plan Development

Digital Advertising

Education-Based Marketing