Shas for Shidduchim, 2018, 2019, 2020

The Client:

Chicago Chesed Fund, a nonprofit organization committed to helping Chicago’s Jewish families and individuals in need.

The Situation:

Following Shas for Shidduchim’s tremendous success in 2018, Chicago Chesed Fund and Bottom Line Marketing Group decided to launch Shas for Shidduchim for its second year.

How it works?

Lomdim reserved blatt in advance to complete the entire Shas on the day of Tu B’Shvat in the zechus of Shidduchim for Klal Yisroel.

Those unable to be there for the event were still able to participate by sponsoring a daf in the zechus of themselves or a loved one.

All proceeds went exclusively to the Mitzvah of Hachnosas Kallah.

The Strategy:

To attract participants well beyond the scope of the Chicago area, Bottom Line Marketing Group launched a comprehensive digital campaign. Going hardball with digital advertisements on popular Jewish websites and social media accounts, Chicago Chesed Fund was able to extend its donor base and encourage participation from across the globe. Bottom Line Marketing Group also handled event signage, media placement, print advertisements, eblasts, and press releases to help Shas for Shidduchim achieve top-of-mind-awareness among the sea of not-for-profit causes out there.

The Event:

In an unbelievable display of unity, purpose, and heart, hundreds from the Chicago community and beyond joined together – on Monday, January 21st – to complete the entire Shas in the zechus of shidduchim for Klal Yisroel.

Harnessing the auspicious day of Tu B’Shvat and the tremendous power of Limud HaTorah, hundreds of Lomdim dedicated their time to storm the Heavens and plead with Hashem to direct all Jewish singles to their basherts.

Shas for Shidduchim led to an influx of Tefilos, love, and support for those feeling so helpless in their (or a loved one’s) search for their bashert. Participants were invigorated to make renewed efforts to help make shidduchim, as Rabbi Bender reminded the crowd, “Shidduchim can come from the funniest places.”

After an intense 24-hour learning marathon, the completion of Shas was celebrated by a beautiful Siyum HaShas. The simcha in the air was palpable, as hundreds of community members joined together to celebrate this incredible accomplishment– assured with the hope that there will be many more occasions to celebrate!

BLMG’s comprehensive marketing approach included:

Brand Identity


Print Advertising

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive Media Plan Development

Digital Advertising

Video Production

Website Development