The Client:

Shevy, the leader in the wig industry for over 25 years and largest wholesaler of the finest European hair wigs in the world.
Shevy approached Bottom Line Marketing Group seeking to reinvigorate their celebrated brand known for their premier quality wigs and helping women look and feel beautiful. The client’s stated goal was to catapult their existing brand into the 21st century, employing a fresh take on everything from branding material to iconic logo. As rapidly changing style trends and live social media blogging usher in the world’s new age, the need for innovation and forward-thinking was paramount.

The Challenge:

– To reinvigorate the Shevy brand, leader in the wig industry for over 25 years.
– To create an exciting launch event for Shevy’s revolutionary new Luxe wig collection


In light of Shevy’s 25-year anniversary of excellence and new line of revolutionary wigs ready to hit the market, Bottom Line Marketing Group set out to capitalize on the brand’s significant achievements with an effective strategy to promote overall brand awareness, excitement and engagement.
The idea was to create a brand-revitalizing campaign centered around Shevy’s recent momentous achievements: their 25-annivserary of excellence and upcoming launch of a revolutionary new wig collection. An aggressive and targeted strategy was set into motion involving a rejuvenation of their current website, a compelling new ad campaign to build momentum for the new “Luxe” line, the creation of an eye-catching look book and memorable runway show to showcase the luxury collection and an effective social media strategy to engage with fans.


– The design team fashioned a dazzling look book, which featured stunning looks from Shevy’s all-new Luxe collection. The spread evoked a sophisticated demeanor, while combining a modern and trendy design structure.


– Bottom Line Marketing Group set out to create a riveting, buzzworthy event to promote Shevy’s 25 years of excellence and unveil their revolutionary new Luxe collection; a fresh line of luxury wigs unlike any of its kind. Prior to the event, VIPS were sent elegantly designed invitations, as well as itinerary for the special evening.
Together with many of the industry’s best, including event production extraordinaire Birch Events and chef Gourmand At Large, Bottom Line Marketing Group coordinated an unforgettable and exclusive evening that featured a dramatic runway show and delicious contemporary cuisine. A visually stunning backdrop accompanied by the refreshed Shevy logo photobombed pictures of attendees throughout the evening. Guests traveled far and wide to attend the event, which included renowned fashion influencers, hairstylists, makeup artists and fashion bloggers.


An aggressive, targeted strategy was crafted to boost consumer engagement. Over three months, fans saw Shevy’s Instagram and Facebook pages transform into powerful engagement drivers brimming with riveting content, including behind-the-scenes looks of Shevy’s headquarters, sneak peaks of their new wig line, shout outs to loyal Shevy fans, several sweepstakes and more.
Live coverage of the Shevy Runway show was provided by our team of social media experts via Instagram and Facebook. Loyal fans remained up-to-date with the latest sights and sounds from the ground-breaking evening.

The Result:

The comprehensive marketing strategy was able to successfully capture Shevy’s commitment to providing premier quality wigs, while boosting consumer engagement and enabling the iconic brand to become more attainable. The brand’s fresh look, energized character and forward-thinking approach confirmed their dedication to delivering the best to its consumers.
The runway show made a penetrating impact. Attendees raved about the evening on social media throughout the next few days, lauding Shevy’s outstanding performance and the welcoming nature of the event. Social media engagement skyrocketed 30% in one day and was accompanied by a slew of new followers! Following the event, fashion influencers immediately contacted Shevy in efforts to collaborate for future projects.
Fueled by the widespread excitement and incredible response that was generated by this event, Shevy was successfully able to gain momentum and re-establish itself as the leader in the wig industry. Shevy vowed to continue moving forward with their eyes set on the future and remain firmly ahead of the pack.

BLMG’s comprehensive marketing approach included:


Print Advertising

Email Marketing

Direct Mail Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive Media Plan Development

Digital Advertising

Education-Based Marketing