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Integrated Marketing Strategy

We know that when generating buzz surrounding your brand, one mode of communication is not enough. Multiple communication channels are needed to effectively convey your message to your customers. What’s more, it’s important to incorporate proper positioning strategies within your campaign which use promotion, price, place and product to target your intended audience. “Top-of-mind” awareness is key to making sure your target demographic and turn them into clients. Ask us how we can help you develop a comprehensive and effective marketing campaign.

Print & Digital Advertising

As far back as Ancient Egypt, advertising has enabled sellers effectively measure against their competitors for buyers’ attention. Keeping your business active in conversational buzz will generate positive feelings and name recognition. Maintaining a strong presence can be as easy as promoting yourself through print ads, billboards, fliers, postcards, or dynamically placing yourself all over the web. Because an ongoing advertising campaign is essential in reminding your existing customers that you’re still around while educating and attracting new customers about the benefits of your products or services.

Web Development

The #1 go-to place when someone is looking for your business is your website. A website provides a more robust experience for visitors, allowing you to control the information that your customers will find about you. We know how vital it is for your company’s website to work well, navigate easily, and have the right calls to action to lead people through the sale funnel. Let Website With Brains (BLMG’s web development division) team of talented web developers, writers, and designers craft your website from the ground up, branding your identity across the internet.

Brand Identity

People don’t build relationships with your product – they are loyal to your brand. While products are one dimensional, brands are multilayered with feelings and beliefs that inspire millions of passionate followers. The best brands use remarkable creativity to create desire, bringing psychology and science together to create a promise mark rather than a trademark. They convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience, building value for your company. Ask our team about creating a sophisticated strategy to accelerate your brand’s rise to dominance and achieve kinetic growth. The sky’s the limit.

Social Media

Everybody is doing it: communicating via social media, browsing and learning about trends and new ideas. A savvy business owner will find a way to connect with the large volume of people using Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. With instant access and sharing capabilities, social media marketing enables you to reach more leads that you can quickly and easily contact, while assisting you in targeting the right audience for your products and services. Social media marketing is no longer the wave of the future. It’s here. Now.

Video Production

With the increasing impact of digital technology on your company’s marketing strategy, we cannot stress enough the important role that video plays in communicating your mission and messaging. Our in-house video production team uses cutting-edge production techniques, working together with you so you can position your brand and tells its story most effectively. We offer conceptualization and creative direction, full production, direction, editing, sound and color correction.

710 WOR’s “Mind Your Business” Radio Show

Mind Your Business on 710 WOR is BLMG’s weekly radio show, bringing you business and marketing strategies for success. Syndicated on popular radio and podcasting platforms, Mind Your Business has featured the following guests:

  • Beth Comstock, Director at Nike, President of Integrated Media at NBC Universal and Former Vice Chair of GE
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of the C-Suite Network
  • Norm Trainor, Founder & CEO of the Covenant Group
  • Shep Hyken, award-winning customer service expert and Chief Amazement Officer
  • Linda Kaplan Thaler, Former CEO of Publicis NY and a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame
  • Joesph Abboud, Notable Fashion Icon

Listen weekly, for educational business content through conversations with Fortune 500 executives and business celebrities. 

Do you have business or marketing expertise to share? You and your business can be featured on 710 WOR’s “Mind Your Business!” Reach out to Michal to find out how.

Team Ahead

The workforce is shifting. To succeed in business today, a company must create a sense of community and communicate its core mission and values. By doing so, a corporation enhances productivity, creates a sense of purpose and positivity, boosts morale and ultimately becomes an employer of choice. What’s more, it opens lines of communication within the entire organization.

At BLMG, we have developed a toolbox of communication tools specifically geared to help companies cultivate a positive corporate culture. It has proven to help companies promote, define and implement a system in which their staff learns how to act personally and interpersonally, with team members and customers alike.

Divisions of BLMG

710 WOR's "Mind Your Business"

710 WOR’s “Mind Your Business,” is BLMG’s weekly radio show, bringing you timely and key business content.

Website with Brains

Website with Brains is BLMG’s web development department, where we create engaging and beautiful websites to showcase our clients on the internet.

Business Class

Business Class is a daily business tip shared daily on Instagram and Whatsapp, sharing tried and true business advice for today’s business owner.

Team Ahead

Team Ahead is BLMG’s coaching division, headed by our CEO, Yitzchok Saftlas. Workshops focus on corporate development and employee training.

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